One interface

is all you need

Enter any liquidity strategy with one click

Enter any liquidity protocol with any token in one click. No more struggle and enormous amount of transaction. Save your time and energy with our smart transactions

Mint your NFT easily

Enter whitelist and mint NFT from one interface, 
no more struglles

Automate your work

Automate your web3 daily life, setup DCA, compounding rewards or harvesting, and let our smart transaction do the work

100 + Dappsinfinite possibility

All you need from web3 is already integrated, build smart transactions, we will take care of the rest

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Find preconfigured smart transactions

Via community platform


Make your smart transaction flexible

Make smart transaction work for you

Make your smart transaction flexible.

With a help of macroses and logical operators
 we will allow users to build something really complex for example executing smart transactions depending 
on ETH price

Make smart transaction work for you.

Automate any smart transaction, DCA, compounding now become an easy task

Build products or integration10x faster

Build complex flows in minutes instead of weeks

Use our inbuild IDE for smart transaction creation to program complex flows

Export smart transactions into react components

Use this smart transactions in your product

Import smart transaction into your products and cut development time of subproducts by weeks

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